Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Charm of Rustic Living

   My wonderful friend and inspiration for my being in France for a year was visiting recently along with another good friend from my hometown. It was wonderful to have them near for dinners together, casual conversation(something I am seriously lacking while surrounded by a culture of people I do not understand) and companionship. I wrote about her few months ago here:
   Her mother has a cabanon in Entrecasteaux where she comes in the spring to visit old friends and enjoy her former way of life. My visiting friends stayed there where there is no electricity, running water or other modern comforts. You can't get the car up to the house(unless you are one of those people who abuse your rental cars.) It is truly remote, removed and secluded, though just 10 minutes from town.
   We went over for an evening of games, supper and wine one late afternoon. The house sits atop a hill, with fabulous vistas and overlooks a tidy vineyard. The house itself is lovely with warm, plaster walls, shuttered doors and windows of a pale, earthy green color and a charming patio to sit upon and gaze out at the view. Unfortunately, wintery weather had already set in, so we each found our cozy space inside and lit candles in every nook and table. The candlelight offered the perfect venue for a hand silhouette show, orchestrated by Oldest Child. Later, Younger Two Children got a hold of a couple of headlamps and climbed up into the loft to play. The rest of us puttered about, making plates of hors d'oeuvres, sipping rose and enjoying the peace this home offered.
   My Friends made a fabulous soup and the meal was a memorable one for many reasons, but mostly because of the charm of the rustic cabin.
Below the cabin

Incredible ambiance
Mirrors behind the candles cast more light- clever.
Memorable meal with friends and family. 
The show....

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