Monday, November 11, 2013

They Came...They Went

   We were having a leisurely coffee at the bar the other day, watching not much at all going by, when we started to hear the distant sound of bells. No, Santa was not coming early, the sheep were passing through town. I do not know where they start, or where they end up. Well, we all know where they ultimately end up- but they came through Entrecasteaux, a few hundred of them, accompanied by a two or three very skilled dogs and a charismatic sheepherder who seemed to love putting on a show for the townspeople and tourist. (I am the only tourist left in Entrecasteaux)
   I never would have thought a sheepherder would be characterized as charismatic, but he was amusing. As the sheep saw the vegetables set up outside the epicerie, some renegades quickly changed their course to try to get an exotic taste of the lettuces, carrots and cabbages, only to be realigned with their herd by the comic herder.
   Even though temperatures are fluctuating right now, we took a picnic to the lake this weekend as we have friends in town who want to see and do, as much as possible, of course. And with fine food available, little else really matters, does it?
They came-
They went-
Good company and -
Good food.
Crisp, cold day for a picnic

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