Sunday, June 8, 2014


   You may remember we acquired a kitten while in France. A soft, cuddly thing to love when we were feeling homesick. She provided us with much entertainment and needless to say, had to come back to the States with us. I was dreading the trip with her as getting her into a crate to go to a vet was excruciating. One would think she was being tortured, she would let out deep, loud growls of displeasure. We feared it would be 6,000 miles of howling under our seat on the planes. I had some strong sedatives (for her, not my children) and I kept reminding the kids(and myself), the travel was just for 1 day. One day of headache, embarrassment and frustration- we could do it. Low and behold, Cat did not make a sound the entire trip- no sedation needed.
   We snuck her into the hotel for the night in Albuquerque where she bounced off of the walls for a few hours, then back into the crate for the drive to Colorado. Now she was so used to the crate, she slept peacefully for the 4 hour car ride. Bravo mon petit chaton!
   One thing I missed while in France was to-go coffee and iced tea. I kept one with me for most of that first day back, starting the day with hot coffee to go from the hotel, to iced tea later in the morning for the drive.
   I do miss the rose from France, though.
My roady coffee
Almost home

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