Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sun DOES Shine in Scotland

    My hosts tell me their town in situated in some sort of micro climate offering them weather that I was not expecting from Scotland. I packed for daily moisture, our suitcases stuffed with rain gear, wool socks, hats, the works...In reality, we have had very little rain since arriving here. I hear some pitter pattering on the roof at night, but the days have been mostly nice. The creeping in of a bank of dark clouds has been rather welcome. A dramatic sky that lures you inside for a warm pot of tea!
   All this said, I have not been tempted to take a cold plunge into the North Sea. I am told it holds steady at about 15 degrees Celsius-too cold for my blood, I have to go with the Mediterranean on this one. We have a couple more days to explore this lovely countryside and enjoy its friendly people...as well as all if the English they speak.
Gorgeous Day for a swim 
Scottish Highland cattle
Lovely homes in small, fishing village

Crazy man swimming in the North Sea-you know who you are...

It is not only for telephoning anymore

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