Monday, October 14, 2013

The Wood Shed is Full

Cool, damp time in the south of France
   Internet access has been limited lately. It has been off and on (mostly off) for several days which frustrates us way more than it should. I am disappointed by my dependence on being wirelessly connected and when that wire is cut, I am not quite sure what to do with myself. I honestly worried that Oldest Child was going to pull her hair out.
   The weather took a turn last week, giving us cold days and even colder nights. I was forced to make my first fire. Have I told you about my fireplace? The main source of winter heat for my house? It is an open fireplace with no screen, there are no fire alarms, no fire extinguisher. I have heard stories of chimney fires here, yes, in my chimney and inquired what I was supposed to do if that happened. Point being, I have been putting off building a fire for as long as I could.
   A huge pile of wood was purchased for me and it has been delivered up the hill. From there, we carry it to our house in wheelbarrows. Good exercise- Unfortunately, the wood is as green as if it were cut last week. Maybe it was. I am no fire expert, but this doesn't make for an easy starting fire.
Safety supplies to come soon
   One of my friends has offered to lend me a wood stove for the winter and as I am trying not to get too excited about it as it may not fit, I would be thrilled to have it for safety sake as well as practicality. We will see what happens. Oh, and they are Belgian- you know how I love those Belgians.
   Off we went last weekend for an outing and arrived in Aups, a fabulous village we have been to a few times. Their Saturday market is great. Our tutor and friend met u there to show us around the market as a mini French lesson. She used to live there and knew everyone. The purpose of the market visit was to stock up on spices and Tutor has a friend with the most gorgeous table of herbs and spices. I posted a picture of their stand a month ago. Youngest Child found his first Man Bag, something he has been begging for and I knew we would find one at the market. They have everything...
   After bidding Tutor a bientot, we continued up the road to Quinson to a Prehistoric History Museum. Hunger needed to be satiated and we finally stumbled upon a good meal! Ahhhh, the Provincial food Gods were looking down on us last Saturday. We sat perched above a lake under a tree of turning colors. As I have mentioned, Saturday lunches are leisurely and tend to last a couple of hours. A glass of rose is practically obligatory and the kids know it is time to just hunker down. They do so happily and eagerly, yet patiently, await the food that tasted so good.
   The Prehistoric Museum was wonderful, full of rich local history dating back thousands and thousands of years. It was a very pleasant day and I did not get lost, not even once.

Great park with exercise equipment-important before strolling the market

Working the muscles

Fruit infused liquors and vinegars

You round a bend in the road and are faced with yet another hilltop village

Lovely lunch in Quinson- c'etait tres bon.

The end of a successful day



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