Wednesday, October 2, 2013


   After all of the rose that I have consumed thus far, I am very curious about the process of making the wine. Did you know that we are living in the heart of French rose country? Vines are everywhere. It seems that many of the grapes go to the village cooperative. I suppose if a winery has its own label, they must have all of their own equipment to wash, crush, ferment, age and bottle all of their own wine. This would also seem to be a massive investment monetarily as well as with space.
  After dropping the kids off at school the other day, I decided to swing by the cooperative to have a look around. It was impeccable timing as farmers were coming in with wagons full of grapes and we watched as they were dumped into this big bin and  rolled into some sort of weighing vessel behind the scene. The farmer watched the scale like it was a roulette wheel, hoping for the highest number possible. Hopefully, it is a profitable harvest- it sure looks good to me.
   I am determined to learn more about the wine making process since I have enjoyed so much of it and well, here we are, what better place to learn! Sante!
Wonderful, Colorado friend who passed through, subsequently inundated with kid time.
Watching the scales
Here come the grapes
Gorgeous, Gobs of Grapes
Entrecasteaux Cooperative

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