Friday, April 4, 2014

A Few of our Favorite Places

   After a wonderful visit from good friends from back home, I have been out of the loop, trying to reorganize our daily routine to accommodate having all three kids homeschooling. Yup, they called it quits on the French school. I can't blame them, obviously, as I allowed them to stop. Their language skills have not evolved enough to communicate with others effectively, nor were they learning a thing scholastically as they couldn't understand the teacher. Too bad, but they certainly have stories to tell and will never forget their experience a l'ecole en France. I am so proud of them for their efforts.
   We are really hitting the books so upon re-entry to US schools, they are not too far behind. We also feel free to pick up and take a quick trip as desired. More friends come to visit next week, too. Some of my oldest, best-est friends- look out Provence. Just kidding, we will behave as adults should.
   Time changed here last weekend and even though I find it hard to pull myself out of bed before 8:00, I love the late evenings outside, listening to birds sing, frogs croaking and the aroma of the blooming flowers filling me with contentment. This is what I came to learn.
The wonderful teacher who orchestrated 2 English speakers, 1 Spanish speaker and 26 other children in 2 grades. Bravo!
Cassis seaside with American Friends
Beautiful Moustiers Ste. Marie
Thoronet Abbey
My favorite front of my house.



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