Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Birthday in the House

   I don't remember what I did for my 13th birthday. It was probably a big deal to me, becoming a teenager, a turning point in adolescence. For my eldest child, this happened yesterday. We spent part of the day in Toulon, a city I have talked about with admiration. Even though the winds were blowing like mad, the sky couldn't have been bluer. Our birthday shopping trip was unsuccessful but we had a little sushi, took a stroll through the old town to the port then headed home to finish a birthday cake to share with our neighbors, our ritual birthday celebration during our year in France.
   Most new teens would probably choose to spend the day with fellow adolescents at the mall, movie theater or a sleepover with loud music and no sleep. Oldest Child did not have a choice and pulled it off with grace.
  Our year abroad has been socially painful for this girl though I hope she will look back on our time here and have positive memories. She is counting down the days until our departure. I know she will miss the wonderful friends we have made of our neighbors and it will sadden her to bid farewell when the day comes. It brings tears to my eyes having to think of this day, which is creeping up on us too quickly.
   But wait, here is what we did to celebrate my first child's entry into teen-hood.
lunch at a favorite restaurant for moules and pizza...
And du glace, of course. 
Oldest Child on her 13th birthday. Bon Anniversaire, Ma Fille!

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