Saturday, May 3, 2014

Paris, Part 1

   I have so much to tell you about our most recent adventure, our last hurray, our week in Paris! I think I have a new favorite city, despite the less than ideal weather. We saw every sight on our list and then some. We had a great apartment to retreat to for R and R before returning to the streets for more French culture.
   The TGV train whizzed us from Aix to Paris, covering almost 500 miles in 3 hours. It was such a pleasant change for me to go from the constant driver with my eyes stuck to the road to passenger, staring out the window as the landscape changed from rocky, vine covered Provence, to green pastures, apple trees and rolling hills of the north.
   After meeting our hostess on our first evening, the kids and I agreed to venture right out and find the Tour Eiffel. Thanks to modern technology and IPhones, our Paris metro app got us quickly to our area where we rounded a corner and found a breathtaking view of the tower. I felt so rewarded by seeing the excitement on all of my kids faces by actually getting to this point- the world's most famous monument in front of us.
   A late night ensued as we decided to do a cruise of the Seine which allows you to see the gorgeous buildings, bridges and monuments lit up in the evening sky. This was a superb beginning to our grand finale.

Settling in for the ride.
Fields an fields of canola flower.
Quality time together
Jumping for joy- we have done alot of this in the past 10 months.
Pont Neuf
All lit up- what a sight for this country girl.

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