Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Limoncello is Ready

My Limoncello is finally done, with 11 days to spare. After 1 month of steeping lemon peel in alcool pour fruits, I added sugar syrup and let it sit for another couple of weeks. Upon tasting it, I decided it was too sweet, even though I did not add all of the syrup my recipe called for, thankfully. So, I added some more lemon peel to the bottles and let it steep for a couple more weeks. Now, it is ready. Still a little sweet, but plenty drinkable, Limoncello is lip smackingly good poured straight from the freezer. The color is brilliant yellow, almost neon.  If I had not made it myself and know the alcohol content, I could easily go overboard with this drink.
I am very proud of it and can not wait to start a batch as soon as I return to Colorado. Be warned friends, it takes 2 months, but then I will gladly share my Limoncello with you on my back porch, watching the amazing Southern Colorado sunset! A Bientot.

The beginning.
The first strain and adding syrup.
Ready for drinking enjoyment.
Don't mind if  Ido- look at that color!

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Stew Dietz said...

Do you have a recipe Margery?