Sunday, May 25, 2014

Porquerolles- A Great Finale to the Year

   Undoubtedly, I am trying to pack in as many fun adventures on our last days in France. The weather has been gorgeous so as you can probably guess, we headed to the coast spontaneously the other day to a new place for us- Porquerolle Island. At the southern tip of Hyeres, a ferry takes you a short distance to this small island that is strictly protected by the French nature conservatory. It is 2 miles wide and 4 miles long. The only cars on the island are residents and delivery vehicles. So, upon arriving on the island, we rented bikes and began exploring.
   First stop was to the southern side of the island which is lined with a rugged, wild coast-line. Cliffs plummet down to the sea. It was spectacular. We crossed the island to the eastern side where a narrow strip of land offered black sand on one side and white sand on the other.
   We cruised through the cute town to grab some picnic provisions before heading west to La Plage de Notre Dame where we waded in the crystal clear(though frigid) water.
   I am sorry we did not discover this place before our last week, but I am grateful to have made it one of our last memories of this year abroad.
The day's transportation. 
Spectacular coastline.
Heading down to the beach.
We will miss the clear, salty water...alot. 
Beach activity- building structures with driftwood.
Readying for lunch service.
It is all about the beach.

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