Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grape Transformation

   The grapes are off the vines. I have been monitoring their growth and transformation for the past couple of months as we pass through a vineyard on one of our regular walks from the house. When we arrived in early July, the grapes were green. Slowly, they matured to a light purple then to a deep, luscious color that I could barely keep my hands off of. All of a sudden last week, I was awoken to tractors rattling in the dark. The pickers start early-like before 5:00 A.M. They work fast and seem to pick their way through the vineyard in half a day. On our way to school, we are often behind tractors pulling wagons full of their harvest, on the way to the cooperative for pressing. I don't know the process and really wish I could watch, but I am told this is not possible, unless I had a very good friend in the business. Maybe we will drop into the cooperative this weekend, just to poke around and see what we can see.
   Another bit of exciting news is that we got library cards! In America, we visit the library all of the time-at least once as week. The local library is great with a large kids area. Even if we can't read the books, it is fun to look at them, and libraries are always a nice place to relax, hang out and spend some time when the weather is gloomy. We are preparing for winter which also reminds me that we have to stock our woodpile as before long, I will have to figure out the most efficient fire building technique to keep our home warm. I anticipate this being a challenge.

The Transformation

Proud Owners Of French Library Cards

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