Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting Christmas-y

   Need less to say, I did not pack our Christmas stuff for our year abroad. I snuck in a couple of books and videos, and of course, I brought the kids' stockings for Pere Noel to fill, but the rest staying in boxes back home.
   Time to get creative- not necessarily my forte, but we have been busy with salt dough baking and painting, and we have been making our woodland critters that has become a tradition for us as they are so much fun. We have been collecting seed pods and pine cones and all kinds of natural items to form into critters and funny people, thanks to the help of the glue gun.
   My plan was to traipse up the hill behind the house to chop down a tree. My landlord was more than happy to have us thin the pine tree population, but alas, that is just too much work with dull tools for this francophile mommy. We are going to town after school to buy a tree, which I will show you after we have a lovely time decorating, singing and admiring around our first French Christmas tree.
Ingredients for a Daube de Boeuf
Salt Dough ornaments ready for the tree
Some of our Critters
Our kitten tossing her day's catch around. She is proving to be quite a hunter.

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