Friday, December 20, 2013

Sapin de Noel

   I forgot to follow up on our hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. As I mentioned a few posts ago, the thought of trudging up the hill, with a dull saw to cut a tree, was becoming quite unappealing to me, but at times in my house, democracy rules so after a quick vote, off we went in the twilight to find a tree.    Youngest and Middle Child decided to cut a small tree of their own for their room. It took them all of 5 minutes to locate and down the perfect 2 foot tree. My search on the other hand, was far more drawn out. You know the old story, in search of the perfect sapin de Noel, one being too big, the next too small, another unevenly distributed with pine needles, further and further we marched. Oldest Child had several picked out, but good ole Mom shot them all down. Finally, I spotted it, just as the sun was disappearing. Oldest, pre-teen Child was very disapproving, sure it would not fit-it was too fat, it would never work....Some sawing, some swearing and off we went to set up our tree. It was dark, damp and cold, but we drug the tree into the house, where we decided very quickly that yes, Oldest Child was right, it was too big. I tried cutting it down to size, but then it looked, well, cut in half. I tosses it out the door with a huff, and vowed to be out of the house first thing in the morning to find the best tree around.
   It did not take long with sunlight- we had a good tree, we hauled it back to the house, slapped the homemade stand onto the bottom and set it up. With carols blasting on the portable speakers, chocolat chaud in hand, and a fire warming the room, we decorated our tree with all of our homemade ornaments that we have been working on. You may think it is bit Charley Brown-ish, but to us, it is the perfect tree for 2013.
They got theirs 
Tree number 2
The fun part
Sapin de Noel

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Anonymous said...

Margery, the tree is lovely and I really wish that I could be there to see Christmas in Entrcasteaux. How are things ? I ha planned to put together a package for you and the kids but life has gotten in the way....I will bring treats when I come in February. Have a wonderful Christmas with NJ and all your travels.