Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

   Being the organized planner that I am, shopping two days ahead of Christmas consumed the first half of today. While children spent some time with the French tutor trying to hone their language skills, my mother and I ran by the market to decide what would be on the menu for Christmas dinner. With only a few us around the table, we did not need a huge feast, but something memorable would be nice. My pictures are poor and I am sorry for that, but the choices were varied and hard to decide upon.
   We went with pigeon-I don't think I have ever had pigeon, I know my kids have never had it. When I informed them of our purchase, silence ensued, but I did not hear any major protests or exclamations of fear. All of my children seemed up for the culinary challenge, as am I for cooking it. The rest of our meal will be fairly straight forward and we ordered Buche de Noel from the patisserie in town. I will let you know how it turns out.
   No matter what is on your table or who is around it, I hope you have a lovely Christmas full of happiness and cheer- Salut!
Seafood selection-looks incredible even if it is blurry
A variety of birds for the oven 
Last minute gift ideas-wine bottle stoppers with flare 
Holiday charm

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