Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bon Anniversaire Middle Child!

   We had a birthday in the house and while she did not get to celebrate by picking a country to spend it in, as I had previously promised, we had a very nice day, despite torrential rain and confinement to the house.   
 patissier when she grows up. Baking sweets is a major passion and she has acquired quite a collection of supplies to turn out cupcakes, cake pops and cookies of various shape. 
We had a tea party with our wonderful neighbors, presents and cupcakes. Middle Child is determined to be a
   This child of mine is a true inspiration to me for her consistent kindness, flexibility and charm. Others gravitate towards her as her energy is soft yet playful. I strive to be more like her. Bon Anniversaire, Ma Petite. Tu es magnifique.

Birthday Tea Party
Toys- we still love them!
Bon Anniversaire!

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