Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lunch Between Lessons

   We eat pretty well at home. Between home-school lessons, Oldest Child and I sit down for a very civilized lunch. She is obviously my most adventurous eater by default because of her age, but she always has been. The other two still prefer pasta and pizza, but going to French school and eating at the canteen has helped open their minds slightly. There is plenty that they do not eat there, too, but at least they see the other children eating what is put in front of them. It is true, French children do not snack much. But they are certainly not deprived of sweets. All of the boulangeries and Tabac stores have bins of candy that seems to need frequent replenishing. For birthdays at school, which are cumulatively celebrated once a month, parents bring in cakes, bags of candy, Coca-Cola.  So, if there had been 5 birthdays that month, yep, that means 5 times the treats.
   As for home cooking, all of the seasonal and un-seasonal vegetables are available at the supermarket. Just like in the States, the tomatoes are abominable right now. But leeks and small turnips are so fresh and inviting, one can't help but buy them. I can't wait to see asparagus and peas in the spring.
Lunch at Home-Leeks Vinaigrette with Smoked Duck Breast

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