Saturday, February 22, 2014

Buon Giorno, Mes Amis!

   Buon giorno from Venice! It is winter vacation from Entrecasteaux schools so off we went, bright and early, to drive across the top of the boot, to Venice, Italy, where I have an old friend from my college days. I can't even remember the last time we saw each other- at least 15 years- and, as with many wonderful friends, it is as if no time has passed. I am so happy to be here.
   The drive was lengthy and luckily my kids were all great sports. The 7 hours went by without any brawls. Parts of the drive were spectacular, mainly the Mediterranean coast, north of Nice, into Italy and almost to Genoa were the highway leaves the seashore. The auto route winds along the coast, through tunnels at every mountain and over bridges at every valley, which were constant. At 120 Km. per hour on a heavily used highway, it was a white knuckle drive, for sure. Once we turned away from the sea, the road straightened and it was fast and easy.
   With three kids, stopping at rest areas is a must every couple of hours. The Italian rest areas proved just as entertaining as the French ones, creating a well rounded shopping experience. Being the mean Mommy that I am, I refused all of the pleas for plush, stuffed animals, plastic bubble machines, animal masks and giant chocolate bars. I manages to escape with some drinks and chewing gum.
   Faced with another language I do not know, communication could be challenging for the next few days, but with a smile, a "ciao" and "grazie", we will have a blast. Oh, did I forget to mention? It is Carnevale- it was not planned to be here for what could be a shocking show, it just worked out this way! Arrivederci!
View from Autoroute rest area north of Monaco- we love the sea 
Italian rest areas are just as good as French ones- a true shopping experience!
We are on the car ferry from the mainland to the island of Lido, ,where we are happily staying for our Venetian adventure. He is describing driving onto the car ferry and pondering how we get the car off on the other end. That is the off ramp behind him. I was as curious as him....


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