Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Bientot, Good Friends

   My lovely Belgian friends left a week ago. While time goes quickly for me here in France, I sure do miss them. Not only are they great fun to be with, it was a relief for me to have some adult conversation and companionship.
   My children are my most favorite things in the world. I adore them-of course- I love being with them as much as possible, obviously, for otherwise I would not have been comfortable bringing them to a foreign country on my own for a year. But, as I try to explain to my kids, adults need adult company sometimes, just ask kids need other kids to be with. Oldest Child has had a hard time meeting peers. Today, she got a kitten. (Don't worry, I have been in contact with the airline and yes, the cat can come on the plane with her upon our return.)  Oldest Child is convinced that she doesn't need friends, her kitten is enough. Perhaps after another month or so, she will believe me that a human friend or two would be nice.
   As my French is really poor, making new friends is difficult. While I am eager to learn French, when an English speaking person comes along, I am drawn to them like a magnet, dying for more of a conversation than I can carry on in French. So, it is no wonder I was eager to hang out with the Belgian's but even more important is how well we get along. I have new life-long friends. And another country to travel too in the next 9 months. What could be better than that?

Kids Table
Another fine meal under our tree

Pasta Salad, because kid always eat this, Green Salad, because we eat this at least once a day, and Grilled Eggplant Gratin-yum
Fine Friends


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