Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off to School They Go

   In my last post, I commented on how little it rains in my hometown in Colorado. As most of you probably know, Colorado is now under water. The images are astounding and quite unbelievable considering that less than 3 months ago, well over 100,000 acres burned in a massive wildfire in our area. I feel slightly guilty for not being present for either event.
   Nonetheless, our adventure in France continues. Youngest Child and Middle Child both finished up a long week of local school that consisted of 2 whole days. Let me back up slightly.
   Middle Child decided she wanted to go to school with her younger brother. I explained that if she started, she had to finish. I explained that she would be clueless for quite some time- there is no English spoken at the school. I explained that there would be a decent chance she would have to repeat the year upon returning to the USA. Off she went, nervous but enthusiastic to accompany her brother. Her first day was to be last Monday. We arrived and the director explained that the teacher was absent, it would be  a bad day for Molly to start. Tuesday, there was a planned strike- again- no teacher. They do not go to school on Wednesdays, so Thursday was her first day and she had a ball. The teacher was absent but, the substitute spoke a little English and gave my kids some things to do to occupy their time. Upon picking the kids up Friday after school, Middle Child had a new friend-she has no idea what this friend's name is, but they hold hands and skip around the playground singing songs. Youngest Child goes back and forth between his guy friends playing "football", playing with his sister and getting chased by lots of little girls. Perhaps they associate a cute American boy with Justin Bieber or whoever  is the current teeny bopper heartthrob. I could not ask for any more!!!!

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