Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Don't Have to Travel Far

   This weekend we did some local touring and heading to a gorgeous town with a reputation of being one of the most beautiful villages in all of Provence. It is called Tourtour and is about 45 minutes from our place. It sits atop a hill, dominated by a church, offering sweeping views of the valleys below. Like many of the Medieval villages around here, Tourtour's meandering, narrow streets empty into the main square which is lined with buzzing cafes and attractive shops. The weekly market was winding down as we arrived, but we caught some merchants before they had packed up. I have a new friend who has a stand at various markets. She sells olives, tapenades and marinated things. She speaks English, but I bore her with my horrendous French anyway. She is nice enough to correct me and help when I am at a loss for words-which is every few sentences.
   Tourtour is clearly a high rent district, understandably. It was a fun day out, and we will return when we are in need of a lazy, wander around town.
   Meanwhile, in Cotignac this weekend, there was a local fete. For us that meant pizza night on the cours followed by a smashing bumper car session; lots of loud music, flashing lights and fireworks.
It was a good weekend again, all within a 30 km. radius of our house.
Friday night in Cotignac
It is a happening town
What kid can resist this???
Or this- Market in Tourtour
Nougat- a wonderful treat
Tourtour cour
Unique shops
Beautiful passageways 
The view as seen from Oldest Child's eyes
We never have to carry water bottles here. 
The whole village is this pretty.

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