Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Mistral- It Is Real

   We have all heard of the Mistral, the wind that blows relentlessly through the south of France. It is more typical in the winter and spring, but as we are finding, can blow any time of the year. Skies are blue,  the temperature is warm enough, but the wind howls. Windows clatter, doors shake, people's nerves are a bit on edge, in my household anyway. I was determined to eat outside last night, and we did, even though Middle Child's salad was blowing off of her plate.
   I have been trying for days to get pictures of the strange, thin, yet tall spruce trees that lean over in the wind, but with no luck. Just trust me, the wind is fierce. I am looking forward to what the weather man says should be a gorgeous, calm weekend. I wonder how I will feel in the dead of winter when the Mistral is said to last for a week, with a cold wind to boot?
Clearly, fall is coming.

The sun is lower in the sky, but we are trying to enjoy every meal possible at this table.

At the stable,  tradition calls for a cake to be brought to share after someone falls off their mount. Lucky kids, 2 tumbles happened last week-2 cakes to share.

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