Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cousin Time

   The fabulous weather continues. We have been lucky to have family visiting for their spring break which coincided with the end of my kids' winter break. French village school takes another 2 weeks off for Easter. Together, we did some local touring to some of our favorite places and were invited to a Sunday luncheon which was great fun. The sun shone bright, the table was set under a grape arbor(no, it has not come out of dormancy yet) and around it sat an assortment of entertaining people sharing delicious food at this remote farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and peace. It was one of those long, lazy Sunday afternoons that I have allowed myself to savor.
   Tomorrow, we will head south again to meet up with my brother for a spontaneous visit to the Tuscan region of Italy. I am looking forward to eating alot. Oldest Child just started a section of her home-school history of the Italy Renaissance so she can give us a brief lesson on our daily explorations. I detested history at her age. Her experience right now is similar, but as I read her textbook I find it fascinating, especially since we are living in the midst of much of it here in France.
   As we continue the beginning stages of our return to the USA, I have mixed feelings- some of sadness for leaving new friends, much for the end of the sense of freedom to explore, to pick up and go to Italy or Spain, but also relief to know there is support and friendship to return to. We all miss our family and friends whom we trust, love and lean on during difficult times, and also share laughter, smiles and contentment with on a daily basis. Our year abroad has required us to depend on one another which ultimately has brought us closer as not everyday is easy yet we require some sort of attention to help one another through feelings of isolation. We are all better for it. We have all grown stronger, grown together and all benefited from our grand adventure.

In Moustiers St. Marie
After walking up to the chapel on the hill next to the sign(can you see it?) everyone wanted a treat, but stores are still closed up in many small towns around here.
Wandering the streets of Moustiers, popular for its handmade Faience ceramics
Popular item at many markets in southern France
Our festive Sunday lunch

Cousin time 


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