Thursday, March 6, 2014

Springtime Anyone?

   The weather is glorious, stupendous, exhilierating! I was down to a t-shirt while the bulk of the kids jumped in the pool yesterday. Not just once, but repeatedly, so it must not have been numbing cold.
   I have to admit, I suffered from some winter blues this year. It was never very cold here, just grey with alot of rain. Occupying myself during these dreary days was difficult. Wood was so wet that burning fires was a serious chore, taking far more time and frustration than I was wanting to expend. I could not go very far, as I still had to take kids to school, assist with Oldest Child's homeschooling, and pick kids up at hte end of the day. The past few days have put all that lousy winter weather behind me and I am elated.
   The kids have a few more days off of school. Remember, they have 2 weeks off every 6 weeks. That is how we take so many voyages- we take extra, too, since they are not learning anything at school anyway. In case you are wondering, yes, we do English work at home so they are not too far behind upon our return to the States. Of course, the knowledge from our adventure is invaluable, too.
   We were in town earlier today and Oldest Child and I both commented simaltaniously how different town looked with the sun shining. (it can be a bit gloomy in the winter) We went by our favorite patisserie for some treats- one of which are giant meringues- a treat my kids adore. It doesn't take much to make a nice lunch al fresco on days like this.
   My gang is also very excited to have my brother and his family arriving for a few days. Some good cousin time is long overdue and they are coming for this phenominal weather. Lucky them!
Pockets of spring color 
Wild Fennel coming back- can you see it? The frilly greens hiding in the center.
Our French Mascots- the winter weathered them some slightly, but they were put out to pasture this sunny day.
Enough to make us happy today.



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