Monday, March 17, 2014

To the Bathroom We Must Go

   Another thoroughly entertaining aspect of traveling is finding restrooms. Okay, with three children, it is not always entertaining, it can be downright irritating, especially when it happens every hour or so. But as a necessary life function and no option to ignore it, we need to know where to find the VC everywhere we go. Yes, in France it is a VC, not WC- I don't know why.
   Public toilets have run the gamut of cleanliness. We have been in some portapotties that are automatically disinfected after each use by some robot that is activated after you exit. Some bathrooms have attendants collecting upwards of 1E for each pee- and some of these have been without paper, seats or any sense of cleanliness whatsoever. e considered our Euro a donation to the attendant to buy a good lunch. More often than not, public restrooms are okay.
   For me, the signage is amusing and often, creative. Here are a few of our favorites.
serious fine for not cleaning up after your pooch


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