Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Carnevale Costumes

   Okay, I promise I will stop with the Venice thing, but the Carnevale costumes were extraordinary. Originally, costumes and especially masks were worn to celebrate the time before Lent- a last hurray before the dreaded fast. Everyone wanted to party, the elite mingled with the peasants and masks were a way to keep everyone on an equal playing field at the same parties.
   People come from far and wide to dress-up for Carnevale, spending months and many dollars on their creations. Some people hand out business cards so they can be credited by the professional photographers, which there are many. Some fabulously clad revelers even get paid to greet others at parties, events or just be photographed for calendars.
   I was nervous about going to Venice during this busy time but I am so glad we did. It was unforgettable.

She was my favorite-though you can not see it, she had red eyes behind the mask.

We stumbled upon a photo shoot at the Rialto Bridge.

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