Thursday, July 4, 2013

A skunky Goodbye to the USA

Wouldn't you know, four days prior to our departure to France, we rescue nine baby skunks from sure demise. They were with their dead mother in a four foot deep well(dry). The kids got down into the pit and brought the babies up. We put them into a large dog crate and tried to get them to eat and hydrate. I can't imagine they are more than two weeks old, and I have to admit- they are adorable. They do not spray stink yet. Well, we did a little CPR on one that seemed to be choking. With the stomach compressions came a little cloud of musk, but that was forced out.
My mother, who was not terribly enthusiastic about this find at first, quickly turned on the maternal instincts and came up with a feeding plan, researched on the web, and found someone to rehabilitate these little critters so Clay would not have to smuggle them onto the Air France plane.
My kids will have to say goodbye to their skunk friends, that have been named, mind you. They assure me they can tell the difference between each and every one.
My sister's reaction to baby skunks

Molly and Clay tried to get baby skunks to eat

Emma doing skunk CPR

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