Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Bientot American Friends

   Our dear American friends who came to spend a couple of weeks with us to help soften the blow of what we are actually doing, have left. As they drove away, tears welled up in our eyes, realizing that we are now on our own in this foreign land. I am ready, not sure my oldest daughter is feeling the same way, though.
   For their last day, our friends wanted to return to the beach for a last hurray in the Mediterranean. We found our way to another beach that "American Friend" found through Google Earth- she is so resourceful. This beach was not an unknown. We thought we were getting there in a timely manner. It was what you think of when spring break in Florida is mentioned, or maybe even the French Riviera. There were multitudes of bronzed bodies, as well as rented umbrellas, snorkeling gear, paddle tennis and even rolling kiosks selling Beignets and popsicles.
   The water was spectacular- crystal clear blue with sand, shallow for about 300 feet. I did not see many fish, but had there been more sea life, it would have been a feast for the eyes, as you could clearly see the bottom as far out as I went.
   We took a walk along the bluff to a point which gave us an awesome view of the sea. Straight ahead was the Ile de Porquerolles and a little further along the coast was a small island with a grand chateau offering a retreat for French presidents for the past 50 years. I am sure it is quite amazing by the beach and coastline we enjoyed.
   One might think that our Provence visit has been little but finding water to cool off in, but every village we pass through is full of history. It is a magical land through its stories, slow paced lifestyle and  natural beauty.
   We still want to go back to the beach again soon, though....

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