Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Anxiety Relief = Beach

Wow, this is scary. I am trying to settle into a new home and town(for a year), help my children meet some peers and try to be a law-abiding citizen in a red tape loving country where I do not speak the language. Gotta love my mid-life crisis.
Thankfully, my mother is here with us for a couple of weeks which keeps us busy touring and adventuring around- in other words, avoiding the responsibilities at hand. Yesterday, we took a jaunt to the coast because the kids wanted to see the sea. We ended up in Cassis, an ancient fishing village east of Marseille. There are still plenty of working vessels, but the harbor now has many luxury yachts and tourist boats which take visitors out of the port to see the gorgeous, limestone cliffs that drop into the water. Very cool. I had a big pot of steamed mussels for lunch along with a glass guessed it- local rose. 
Today, we searched high and low for a grill as my kitchen is a bit stark on working appliances. There ain't no Home Depot in these parts. The hunt continue tomorrow as we head to a larger town in search of said cooking devise. There have been moments of panic in the past week, and I thoroughly expect them to continue for the next several months, but all in all, the adventure is starting off in the right direction.
Waiting for our tour boat in the harbor of Cassis
Calanque cliffs all around Cassis port
        Big Kid admiring one of the baby mussels in the bottom of my lunch

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Isa Vasanti said...

Emma already looks like a french girl!