Monday, July 15, 2013

Fete, Fete, un autre Fete!

Our first Fete- oh my, what fun!!! True, we went to Entrecasteaux on Saturday night for a street party and fireworks, but Sunday followed with close to 400 people for dinner on the cours (heart-meaning the center of town). There was a foot race that was finishing as we arrived, so we joined in the hooting and hollering for those running in the heat that the south of France offers. The large majority of participants were drenched with sweat all over-heads, shirts, shorts, legs- these people are tough.
Hats off to them. moments after crossing the finishing line, I saw the same people walking away with their bottle of wine ( must have been the prize), looking more than content to head home and share the evening, and wine, with their families.
Our party was to benefit the Cotignac schools. It must be a lively crew as every seat was filled with happy party goers and kids practiced their moves on the dance floor-first to Zumba, then after dinner the disco fired up. I love disco...
After my first week of adjusting to life style, language, sleep issues and more, I was more than happy to casually sit around sipping rose, people-watching and eating(of course) among many English speaking folks. Yes, Cotignac does in fact have many English speakers, whether that is good or bad for me, I do not know, but I do know that after my first week, it was very relaxing and, well, EASY!!
Molly and her Tarte aux Pomme- Yum

Later in the evening with disco lights in the background

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