Monday, July 8, 2013

The arsenal

Did I ever tell you my inspiration for taking this great adventure? My bestest friend in the world grew up in France; the same, small town where I am writing from this fine morning. Practically from the same stool that I am perched upon. Needless to say, this makes things alot easier to have contacts and associations so when locals meet this crazy American with 3 kids in tow( c'est moi),   I can pull out Bestest Friend's name, and it will all be okay. Everyone knows her, everyone loves her-especially me! She is a delight to be with: funny, kind, nurturing, adventuresome, beautiful on the inside and out. As a young person, I found her rather exotic and just different from everyone else. We had an instant connection- I am not sure why she liked me so much, but that is another story.
She was always interested in food. So was I. But she taught me a more discriminating palate as a teen. She taught me that old things were often better than new. I learned to appreciate people, things and places for their character and found quirkiness an attribute.
This is her kitchen on any given day, an arsenal of old knives and tools at the ready for whatever a child may bring in or idea for cooking enters Bestest Friend's mind. Gotta love it and it never gets dull, no matter how old it is....

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