Monday, July 8, 2013

We have landed

We made it! After a long day of travel which first involved driving to JFK airport from Maryland...on the Sunday after 4th of July (obviously, WE were not thinking when we made these reservations), then an even longer wait at the airport where only 1 runway was fully functioning (what were THEY thinking on this holiday weekend...) we lifted off and 8 hours later were gazing down at the French Riviera. Molly and Clay slept the entire way- literally- I had to wake them up before landing. There was nothing to see most of the way as it was whatever time it was in the night, then just the great blue below us the entire way.
Oooh la la, I can see way the rich and famous come here to tour in their yachts and  stroll on the beach. The topography is spectacular. The sea butts up to these rugged, rocky hills. Palm trees abound and the air is filled with tranquility. is.
My French was challenged immediately after deplaning as our driver spoke only a handful of English words. I did okay, I think. Finding our house was also not easy, but alas, we made it. The kids made a friend instantly with my landlady's daughter. They ran around like mad for hours while I made a quick trip to town for the bare essentials- bread, cheese, olives, salami and wine. Luckily Annette, my landlady, escorted me which was extremely helpful as I may have ended up in Spain, had I been left to my own devices.
Fun Fact 1: It is true that French people drive very fast on these very little roads
Fun Fact 2: I learned that since it was Monday, there is no fresh milk. They sell milk in plastic bottles that do not need to be refrigerated...I will let you know what that is, after I have my coffee tomorrow.
I am absolutely giddy about starting this adventure in my life. After much planning, it is finally here and I plan on soaking up every moment.
People watching at JFK- way more variety than smalltown Colorado.

Settling into the largest plane they have ever seen
The sophisticated part of our team

Clay in his bedroom window of our 400 year old stone house


Isa Vasanti said...

Cool house!
I can just imagine those very first moments in a foreign country with poor language skills (did it in India... w/o the kids!).
You are brave!
It is and will be an awesome adventure!
Love and blessings,

Marla Stills said...

More house pics please! Looks amazing. Can't wait to read more. Love the blog background. Cute!