Sunday, January 19, 2014

And The Rain Continues

   I have no idea how much rain has fallen in the past three days. It has been a steady downpour since Friday. The weather man says the sun should be back by Tuesday, at which point we should have a dangerously high case of cabin fever.
   We drove to town for a tutoring session this morning. Little did I know that there was a flood warning and advisory to stay off of the roads.
You can probably figure out what this means. 
Spontaneous creek
I guess they are staying home today.
There is no creek down there, normally. 
There is a creek that runs down there, but nothing like this- I bet that household is getting worried.
This is after 10:00 A.M. this morning, eyeing the pastries at our favorite pattiserie.


Isa Vasanti said...

Oh yes I remember these long endless rainy days! I hated it! One of the main reason I left that side of the world!
Today it is snowing in Durango - for the annual snowdown! How perfect!
Love to you 4!

Margery Poitras said...

We go to your homeland in 2 weeks- I told Emma we need to go buy rain gear, not something we have coming from Durango. I will report to you after our trip!