Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Preliminary Plans for the End

   I can't believe it, but I am already stating to plan our return to the States. My first reaction is...we are going to survive.
   Of course we would survive, but this period has had its fair share of challenges for each of us. While Younger Two Children struggle daily with the language barrier in our rural, French school, Oldest Child, who is going on thirteen but looks and acts more like a 15 year old, has struggled with no friends as she is homeschooling-not something I would do again. The isolation has been painful for her. For me, loneliness is also a struggle, though I am better equipped to manage than my pre-teen. Don't get me wrong, we have met some wonderful people that will remain friends forever and we will miss them upon our return to America. But once again, the language barrier has been the debilitating factor in most of our troubles.
   Yes, we still have another 4 months here, but there are several big trips on the calendar as well as some wonderful friends and family who will be visiting to share a piece of this experience with us. Before we know it, we will be heading east and France will be but a memory. Then what am I going to blog about?
The sun reappeared yesterday, for which I am extremely grateful.
Some of my favorite things in France- the table that provides us a place to share wonderful meals and laughter, our ancient house and our cat.

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