Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tout Est Bien!

   I have had a few emails since my last post, which seemed to cause some concern that life a la Francais was not going so well. Oh contraire, all is well. Doesn't life have its ups and downs no matter where you are? Perhaps it is a case of post-holiday blues which I get annually. Perhaps it is the days of rain and gloom, but hark, they are always followed by sunshine and warmth. And to top it off, cha cha cha, we are off to Barelona for an impromtu weekend of Catalan culture, city life and even more of a language barrier!
   Thank God for the internet that taught us how to say a few polite words in Catalan. I will report back next week, with lots of good adventure stories from across the border.
   Adeu i ens veiem aviat! (good bye and see you soon- no, it is not the same as Spanish)

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