Thursday, January 30, 2014

French Rest Areas-A Pleasant Pit Stop

   French rest areas along the autoroutes are such a pleasure to browse through, you would not believe it. Okay, they are not ALL deluxe, but you can tell by the images on signs along the highway, what kind of amenities the rest areas are going to have. Some are simply toilets and parking for truckers to rest. Some have full service restaurants, gift shops, snack bars and gas, of course. Is it a gourmet experience? No, but there is no shortage of choice and of course, since everything is foreign to us, it makes stopping to refuel an entertaining experience.
   Our last pit stop on our way home from Spain was solely for the bathroom and we were close to home so we did not stay long. Along with spotless toilets that are automatically cleaned top to bottom on regular intervals, there was a great playground and picnic tables scattered among the pine trees. We may just pack a picnic and head over there for lunch and to play one day. Oh, but the tolls- autoroutes are very expensive. I guess that is where some of the resources are coming from to pay for the fine pit stops.
How can I decide????
The assortment....
Of course, there is wine.  
Cappuccino out of a machine, and it is pretty good.

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