Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Memories of Noel, 2013

   France knows how to do Christmas. I can't imagine the wonder of places like Austria or Germany, countries that have a reputation of being incredibly festive around the holidays.
   Every village in Provence was strung with twinkling lights. Christmas trees decorated most business entrances, especially the mayors' offices. Sweet treats were given out left and right. The days leading up to Christmas were full of special activities at school where each classroom had their own tree decorated by the students. Each village has a Marche de Noel where vendors sell all kinds of gifty things, food,  and Santa taking kids for rides in horse drawn carriages. Entrecasteaux, our village, had a table selling ornaments, wreaths and such that the kids had made. Needless to say, we purchased numerous items, all of which will be found on our tree back in the States next year, memories of this grand adventure.
   I am backtracking from previous posts because I have left much out! Even though the lights are coming down, our tree is long gone and the post Christmas blues are closing in, my mind is still full of holiday cheer I want to share with you. After Christmas, we jetted off the England with my mother and there are many stories to tell about that, but for now, I am sharing a few images of the sense of Christmas in our area.
Santon display in Cotignac
Clay figures with everything to make up a village are set up for Christmas
Even the smallest villages are decked with lights- Montfort sur Argens

Cotignac, pre-Christmas

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