Friday, January 31, 2014

La Boqueria = My Mouth is Watering Just Thinking of This Place

   La Boqueria = A foodie paradise. Yes, I am still talking about Barcelona. I promise, this is the last one. But I just had to tell you: This place in incredible with vast arrays of fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, eggs of every size and color, dried fruits, nuts, spices, wine, juices, Tapas to eat at a long bar with a beer, or take out. Everything you can imagine was for sale at this covered market, conveniently located down the street from our apartment.
   The kids got freshly made juices each day. They were beautifully displayed and impossible to resist. People of all ages were walking around with these exotic drinks in their hands. I bought some mangoes and pomegranates for breakfast at the kids request, and while they were extremely expensive, they were perfectly ripe and so full of flavor. One could not help making sounds of culinary pleasure from the intense sweetness of the fruit.
      Even my kids were content revisiting La Boqueria each day, just to "look again". There was plenty of offal, heads, and whole birds, feather and all, for gaping at. This place is a must-do for any food loving individual alive.
A very bustling place 
Incredible seafood 
Various prepared meats
gorgeous fruits
Dried Mushrooms
More seafood
Jambon and other meats




UnclePhool said...

I love this place. Last time I was in Barca I had a hotel just be hid it. Going in the early morning when everyone is still setting up is full of activity and gets all your senses going. I love markets and this is one of my favorites in the world. Hope the kids enjoyed it! -philT

Margery Poitras said...

Yes-La Boqueria certainly takes the cake for food markets. Avignon has Les Halles and Venice's mercato are all great but Barcelona's has an extrordinary feel.