Saturday, August 3, 2013

Horsing Around

   I think we found a stable for Middle Child. It is on the way to Salernes, a town about 10 minutes from us. The barn is owned by an older woman who doesn't speak a lick of English. She is very patient with my very poor French, gave us a nice tour of her grounds occupied by 20 little ponies, donkeys, and other typical farm animals as well as gorgeous gardens, then arranged for us to come back for a group lesson a few days later. Her son is the moniteur and also speaks not a word of French, though has a great sense of humor.
   Big Sister went with Middle Child for the group lesson. Strength in numbers- even if there were only two of them that spoke English. Actually, they were lucky as a couple of other kids in the lesson spoke very good English, as many children do, depending on the size of the town they come from.  Kids here start English classes at a young age and by the time they are middle school age, some can carry on a decent conversation.  They did great, both my girls and the coach.
   Big Sister went to support her little sis. She is not really into riding. I encouraged her to go and try to meet others her age. She thoughtfully protested by pointing out that is was a false impression of her as she really does not like to ride and a friend at the barn would most likely be horse crazy- a hobby that would not be truly shared. Good point, I told her, but it was already paid for-hense it became a mandatory support activity for little sister.
   Hopefully a few words were learned that day- gouche(left), droite(right), tres bien(very good) and ARRETE(STOP). Molly got to ride a tiny little Shetland pony- a dream come true for her. He was little  and feisty. Emma, being as tall as me, rode a very tall yet, extremely gentle horse whom she liked very much. Bravo mes Petites.
   Middle Child is excited to return next week and continue her equestrian adventure in France and French.

Les Petits Ponies
Le Grand Cheval

One of the adorable, tiny ponies

The Master of the Farm

The Barn

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