Saturday, August 17, 2013

And a-Shopping WE Will Go.....

   Who would have thought this small town in rural France would have such inviting shops. I expected the boulangerie, patisserie,  fromagerie, boucherie and of course, the merchand de vin, but Cotignac also has lovely boutiques for housewares, antiques and fashion. There is a fabulous card shop with an amazing display of postcards. Inside, there are adorable tins and retro wall hangings.

card shop
The kids and I love this other little shop at the top of a windy, narrow street that has unique decorations for the home. They are certainly not locally crafted, not French at all, but tastefully cute and a nice selection of affordable gifts.

There are several shops with chic clothing. Women seem to live in sundresses in the summer so there are plenty of those, but also, there is a shop selling kimonos. Not something you would expect in Provence.

   It seems like every village has a couple of these original shops. No two places have the same things. This sure makes shopping alot more interesting. Funny thing is though, that when I am actually looking for something specific, it is really hard to find. Today, I really wanted some pieces of fabric. Nothing fancy or expensive, just some pieces for crafty projects for the kids. I did not need it badly enough to drive to Brignoles, a 30 minute trip, but was convinced that one of the village markets or hardware stores would have some. No, it was not to be found.
   The other thing I really want is a wooden reamer. You know, the simple wooden tool used to juice lemons and limes. I can't find one. I look at every hardware and kitchen-y store I stumble upon. Someday, one will just be staring me in the face- I know it will.
one of my favorite boulangeries-really good bread

fun shop with random things
The bean selection at the supermarket

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