Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miserable Mussels in Marseille

   Marseille is a big city- the third biggest city in France. It is only an hour, thanks to the rapid speed limit(or lack thereof) and a large highway. Descending the small mountain range into all of these coastal destinations is fabulous because you drive over a crest in the road, and all of a sudden, there is the sea. You know how much we love water, don't you?
   Surprisingly, getting to where I wanted was a breeze, then we set off on foot. We wandered around the Vieux Port where there are multitudes of restaurants and shops, more boats than I have ever seen and a smattering of street performers. We found a row of merchants selling fish straight from the Mediterranean. How I wished I had a kitchen to go back to and make a fabulous seafood lunch. Instead, we found a cafe off the main tourist area, thinking a few blocks up might be the ticket for an authentic Marseille, seafood lunch.  I was taking the chance to stumble upon something memorable. Oh, what a mistake. The first sign should have been when Youngest Child tried to put his napkin in his lap(good boy) and it was stuck to his menu with chewing gum. (seriously- the place looked reputable and was packed.) Oldest Child was ready to run for the door, but I convinced her to calm down and we might be pleasantly surprised. We were surprised, but with stinky mussels that I would not eat, nor would I let Oldest Child eat hers. The waiter was very considerate, offered another dish but at this point, I was ready for a change of scenery. They thought the mussels smelled fine- that was normal- they smelled of the sea- NO WAY!!! What a disappointment- I am so ready to be served a fabulous meal. Alas, the search continues.
   I know there are several expensive restaurants in Marseille that sound excellent. I will return, maybe not with three kids in tow, but I will return. And I will have that bouillabaisse I have been dreaming of.
Wait, is that Popeye???

Gorgeous Fresh Fish
I wish I could Have THAT for Lunch
Soap merchant

Fun Exploring

From the Notre Dame

Kinda Freaky Mime

Palais Longchamp

Beautiful, Old Buildings with Ironwork Railings