Monday, August 5, 2013

Quiet Weekend on Provincial Homefront

   It is really hot here. Early mornings are pleasant, but I am already dunking in the pool by 10:00. Afternoons we are holed up in our house, doors and windows closed, curtains drawn, being quiet until the temperatures subside slightly. Then it is back into the pool before rosé time, which is about 6:00 or so. Evening is chore time- meaning considering what to eat for dinner. Oh, we have some plants to water, there is always clothes to hang on the line, but our daily responsibilities are pretty limited.
   Last weekend was pretty quiet due to the heat- and the crowds. Provence is very busy this time of year. We decided to do some local activities. Friday night, we went to Entrecasteaux for dinner at a friend's restaurant then onto the carnival which was in town to celebrate this small village's heritage. There was traditional dancers during the day as well as processions to the church- we missed all of that. We just went for the nightlife- and I have one question which has gone unanswered- Why do the French like disco so much? There was a great show with a rockin' band playing disco tunes, wearing awesome outfits with feathered headpieces and minimal clothing. It looked like the performers were straight out of Vegas. They were really good. BUT, it is disco. I like disco, so I was more than amused. The kids rode bumper cars for about an hour, then we were off.
   Saturday, we went to a waterfall close by- Sillans La Cascade. It was a gorgeous, cascading fall of crystal blue water. Quite lovely. By 11:00, as we were heading out, the crowds were pouring in- good timing. It was into Cotignac for a cold drink and wander up the main drag where we stumbled upon booths of craftman selling their Santons. This is clearly a craft taken seriously. These adorable clay figures of animals, people, houses, and such are used for Christmas nativity scenes. Many were really creative and beautiful.
   Back to the dinner for a minute- who would have thunk that Youngest Boy Child of mine would like escargot? He does, loves them. Oldest Daughter was so excited to try them as she is an adventurous eater with a refined palate. She likes them, but not as much as her baby brother. Bravo Baby Boy!

La Fourchette Restaurant

Escargot loving kid

Who doesn't love bumper cars?

Disco show good enough for the Strip

Traditional Song and Dance


All hand made...

out of clay.

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