Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skol!!!! Here is to New Friends

   My house is located on a piece of land with 2 other rentals on it. They are all short term vacation homes with great, rustic, provincial charm. The house closest to us was inhabited by the matriarch of this property, but she has since moved into assisted living.  A wave of creative aura flows out of the house as you approach. Even though the house is fully equipped- in a minimalist way, the outdoor area is so inviting for sitting with friends, gazing over the olive trees, rolling acres of grapes and big sky. I would imagine most people that stay there do little inside other than sleep. There is even an outdoor shower!
   I know the house so well because the current renters have become wonderful friends and we are all either at their place or mine, with a combination of 5 children, sometimes 6. Introducing...the Belgians. They have been coming to this property for several years. I am so lucky to have met them on their first day here as they are only here for 1 week this summer. I can not even remember how our relationship started. All of the houses have small pools which are used constantly by the children. With that comes lots of screams and laughter. Needless to say, kids gravitate towards these joyous sounds. Probably my kids were shrieking, their kids came over and it is all history now. Their children do not speak French or English, but somehow through sign language, smiles and giggles- they pal around constantly. The adult Belgian's are a joy for me, too. We have shared many meals, hours gazing at the country side, a trip to St. Tropez and many, many glasses of rose.
   A couple of days ago, we went to the coast for some beach-time. The Belgian's just happen to have some friends who recently relocated to St. Tropez so after a full day of sand and sun, we went back to their house for a look around which turned into an appertif which turned into dinner, loads of fun and a late night.
   Last night, Papa Belgian made a big homamde pasta dinner. All afternoon was spent with the kids making dough, rolling and cutting pasta. In the evening, he made several different sauces. I contributed some appetizers, salad and apricot clafouti. Mama Belgian attended to a constant flow of chilled wine and fabulous company.
   I feel so fortunate to have met this family and now have another country to visit during our year here. One of the things that I love about "maturing" is that you know very quickly when you have met someone you want as a good friend. In only a few days, I have succeeded to do this. I will miss them as neighbors, but look forward to future visits.
A day at the beach with the Belgian's

The Belgian friends' Belgian friend's house

Lots of Belgians....and Me

Papa Belgian making pasta

Forget the laundry-let's dry pasta

Bon Appetit!!!!

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