Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just Call Him Buzz

Little Boy got his first, French haircut. the style for boys seems to be short, really short. This is what he wanted..a buzz...with a design shaved into the side of his head with an electric razor. There just happen to be a boy in the chair before Little Boy who was getting exactly this cut. And he was getting a pyramid on the side of his head. No, No and No is all I had to say. And even though Clay's hair is so short, he was a little peeved that I would not agree to  having his whole head shaved.
We have been taking some neighborhood walks. I am so glad we decided to live in the country rather than in the village. For one thing, the kids practically live in the pool and if we were in town, what would be do? It is so nice to walk out your door, and just be able to go. Of course, you could do this in town too, but to wander through vineyards and rough, country paths is more pleasant for me. We always take a camera as you never know what you might see. Today we noticed how much the grapes have darkened in the past week.

This could be your Provincal remodel..

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