Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our House, Is a Very, Very Fine House

   For those of you that are familiar with my housekeeping abilities, you know cleaning is not my forte. So, getting pictures of our house has been procrastinated as I never seem to have it looking tip top shape to spread around the internet. Lucky for me, my domestic short comings can rest even longer, as most of our time in France is spent outside. The natural beauty of our surroundings as well as the charm of our 200 plus year old house is best enjoyed from the yard.
All of our meals are eaten outside because:
1)  there is better light.
2) The aromas of wild rosemary, thyme and mint seem to make every meal all the more appetizing.
3) Gazing through the fields of olive trees from our outdoor table, looking for wild boar, seems to keep us entertained well into the evening.
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   As it has been swelteringly hot since we have been in France, the kids spend hours a day in our bassin- a small pool, plenty big for cooling off in and splashing about, shrieking with summer enthusiasm.

    When the heat of the day sets in for a few hours in the afternoon, we retreat to our nook. It is the best seat in the house for reading and a cat nap.
   The kitchen is simple. For now, this is fine as meals typically consist of salads, cheese, bread, and tapenades. As my kitchen in Colorado is fully equipped with appliances, convenient gadgets, space, get the point, this is a bit of an adjustment, but I will prevail.

   I considered a house in the village when we were planning our great adventure. I am sure we would have enjoyed the action of daily life in town, since we have never lived in a town(as a family), but I so appreciate our rural life.

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