Monday, August 19, 2013

Nothing Can Only Go On So Long

   We have been home for days,  doing a whole bunch of nothing. Sometimes, this is exactly what we need and I am thankful to be able to partake in all of this nothingness, but then kids start bickering, too much screen-time happens and I- the mother- loose it.
   Last night after a perfectly lovely evening chatting with our uphill neighbors, two of my darlings came home shoving one another which needless to say, led to screaming and tears. Now I must admit, it was late, they were hungry and tired, but at what age does this end? Is there a reason kids can not grab a quick snack for themselves if they are nearing the point of collapse? I blamed the breakdown on too much time doing nothing so vowed we would be doing something the following day. Whine, whine, whine- they wanted to stay home again the next day. "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" I said.
   After tutoring and running a quick errand the next morning, we were off to the Cascade de Cotignac. A kilometer walk along a shaded path led us to a brilliant waterfall with crystal clear water cascading down a beautiful canyon - AND the walk is right in town! It is amazing how many sights are so close. We could spend the whole year within a 100 kilometer radius, and never go to the same place twice.        Alas, we are off to the coast again tomorrow for another day of incredibly salty water, effortless floating and beach time. Nothing can only go on so long...

They swam to the falls and back- it was a bit brisk...

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